Tompoma | Fix Your Crutch - Customize Your Tompoma

Category: product and graphic design | Year: 2014

Tompoma history is Renato Bignone’s history. Born in 1970 with physical disabilities and always fond of mountain sports, he has been trekking and skiing since his chilohood, breaking crutches which were supposed to withstand more than 100 kg.
Sick and tired of the products on the market, Renato Bignone gave birth to Tompoma after years of research.
The new item was a very resistant and light crutch, with an innovative shape and which became an actual design object.
When Renato met Tagmi and Fix Your Bike project, it has been decided to make crutches even more unique by creating an ad hoc covering system, suitable to withstand a wide range of uses.


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