Stoneland Collection

Category: art direction & product design | Client: StoneLab Design | Year: 2018

The new STONELAND collection is inspired by the shape and the action of stone working tools.
Nails, tubes, pulleys, pierce and shape the material and become structural or complementary elements that embellish it.
They are the leitmotif of a journey to discover a domestic home panorama revisited in marble:
the classic tin with metal cap, the chandelier, the vase, the corkscrew.
Thanks to StoneLab Design stone material skills, the design studio Tagmi, has been able to identify for this collection a rich palette of rare and precious marbles and has successfully applied several techniques of marble processing.

This partnership is joined by Ganci Argenterie, a historic Milanese company,
leader in silverware craftsmanship.

The collection consists of: Contrappesa suspension lamps and Bugia and Candela table lamps.


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